Seabeast mask adapts with highly-qualified materials. The silicone material is soft and flexible. The silicone skirt creates the seamless seal between your face and the mask. However, the measurement cannot be ignored. It’s known that our faces are in various shapes and sizes. Seabeast full face snorkel mask comes in two standard sizes that can…

Seabeast AF90 100% Fog Free Mask

100% Anti Fog – Seabeast AF90 Full Face Snorkel Mask

Introduction of anti fog solution
Fogging is a natural phenomenon. Fogging happens when there is a phase change in matter. Here is a common example to help you understand. People with eyeglasses are troubled by the fogging problem in winter. When people enter the house, their glasses are fogging. That’s because the drastic temperature differences, the vapor turns into liquid on the glass surface.

In short, fogging occurs when there is a significant change of:

Moisture or humidity.
Anti-fog or anti-fog treatments and agents are chemicals applied in industrial and domestic applications to prevent water condensation.

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The Best Full Face Snorkel Mask – Seabeast AF90 Review "especially good visibility" - The Wall Street Journal

Are you ready for snorkeling in this summer? You may not have any idea of how you are going to spend your summer vacation yet. Snorkeling is one of the best ways to enjoy the ocean, discover marine life and relax yourselves. You can explore the marine plants and animals with little training. Watch pretty corals, lovely sea turtles, and Clownfishes, and enjoy the mysterious undersea world. Before you go snorkeling, there are some tips and plenty preparations you should know and make. However, no matter when or where you plan to go snorkeling, a qualified snorkeling mask that is your literally undersea window is absolutely necessary. This review will tell why Seabeast AF90 is the best full face snorkel mask and ideal for your trip.