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50 World’s Best Snorkeling Destinations 2019 [Continued] THE BEST SNORKELING DESTINATION GUIDE: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IN 2018

When you search for best snorkeling destinations online, there are dozens of articles about Top or best snorkeling destinations. But sometimes, you just need to find snorkeling spots that are not too far from you. How do you select your best snorkeling destinations? Which element do you value most? The location, the fish species, or the sightseeing. Leave a comment, and let us know your ideas. The article tries to collect word’s best snorkeling destinations for you. Welcome to add your favorite snorkeling destinations.

what to prepare for snorkeling

What to prepare for snorkeling?

Plan and prepare for snorkeling costs time and energy. What should I bring for snorkeling? What is necessary? What is optional? How do I pack for these snorkeling gear? Make a list before every journey in case you forget some items. Here is a packing list for snorkeling for your consideration. Besides, some regular items that you should prepare for a trip, the list includes almost all snorkeling gear and accessories. Welcome to replenish:)

Top 10 Advanced Snorkeling Tips

Curiosity drives people to explore unknown fields. From Age of Discovery, people never stop their paces to conquer and discover. Snorkeling is an easier way to observe and explore the ocean. Snorkeling requires little professional techniques. Everyone is capacity of snorkeling, even you don’t know how to swim. How could you perfect your first snorkeling? What preparations should you make before you go snorkeling? Here are top 10 snorkeling tips and tricks you can’t miss.

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Introduction of anti fog solution
Fogging is a natural phenomenon. Fogging happens when there is a phase change in matter. Here is a common example to help you understand. People with eyeglasses are troubled by the fogging problem in winter. When people enter the house, their glasses are fogging. That’s because the drastic temperature differences, the vapor turns into liquid on the glass surface.

In short, fogging occurs when there is a significant change of:

Moisture or humidity.
Anti-fog or anti-fog treatments and agents are chemicals applied in industrial and domestic applications to prevent water condensation.